Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pixie Dust in the Strangest Places

The gap between posts is going to increase, I've found. I've been working relentlessly for the past few weeks; not complaining, of course, but I have very little time to myself.

So, the past couple of weeks have been filled with continuous disappointment (hang in there, there is a silver lining in this cloud).

First piece of advice, ladies, don't come into the program expecting to be with a guy. Ever. It's a recipe for disaster, not to mention unprofessional. Plus, the fact that you're only down here for a certain amount of time just adds to the fact that most guys, if not all guys, will say and do whatever (and I mean WHATEVER they can to get some ass (pardon my French) no strings attached. Truth hurts. Save yourself time and emotion and just say no =] At this rate, I'll never stop being a truly bitter person. Oh well.

The hours you work will drive you insane. Especially if you work at the Magic Kingdom. Hello, extra magic hours, goodbye sanity. The guests typically leave their brains at home when they're on vacation. You WILL receive stupid questions and people WILL get upset over trivial nonsense.  Also, the busses wil be full of other cast members playing in the park when you try to find a seat. It happens every night. Patience. Just remember that 1. Vehicular manslaughter is not the answer and 2. You're there for one specific purpose, to make magic. That reason has a payoff that outweighs all of the crap that you deal with on a day to day basis.

One day, I was outside helping distribute Fastpasses to the guests. I was provided with a bubble wand and the kids loved it! This particular little boy was having a ball, but like most good things, they don't last forever. I ran out of bubbles and the kid was almost to tears. I felt for him and decided that he was just plain too sweet to not help out. So, I wrote him a sheet for a free bubble gun at the closest gift shop; the look on this kid's face was absolutely priceless. It was worth all of the bad stuff that had previously happened that day. Stuff like that helps you remember why you chose to work for Disney to begin with.

Even with the magical moments I create from time to time, I still find myself in limbo with my actual self and my Disney self. I escape to my Disney self when everything else around me is slowly falling apart. Before work today, I received a call from my mom and was told that my grandma had to be taken to the emergency room because she tried attacking my mom and my grandpa. My grandma has Alzheimer's and usually stuff like this doesn't faze me. It hurts, but nothing really I can do. However, my mom continued to tell me that my grandma kept saying how I was the only one who wouldn't hurt her. Yeah, I came about 3 seconds away from losing it at the bus stop. Regardless, I still had to put my magic face on for everybody.

It's hard being away from home. Especially if everything around you is simply not going your way. However, the people you work with, I've discovered, are the closest thing to a family you have. They understand and they listen when it's needed the most. Make friends here. Be stupid. Because some days, there are guests who notice you and let you know that you're doing a great job or a coworker who just thanks you for working hard.

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