Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.

Things are substantially better since the last blog post.

It's Spring in Florida, so that means more time outside, thoughts of visiting the beach and a busier stand-by wait time at Space Mountain due to Spring Breakers. I don't mind so much though.

I've yet to visit Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure or Harry Potter World(OMGZ NOT THE COMPETITOR ACROSS THE STREET!!);however, it is on my list of things to do before the summer crowds roll in.

On a more work-related note, I've decided that because I'm extending my program, I'm going to try to cross-train at another attraction...probably the Stitch complex (Stitch's Great Escape, PeopleMover and Carousel of Progress...correct me if I'm wrong). While I'll have proficiencies there, I don't plan on leaving the Space Mountain party...ever. I absolutely adore the people I work with and have no desire to cut the ties just yet. In fact, I recently announced that, if I get offered the program extension, that I was going to strongly consider transferring to UCF (Zeta Omega chapter love! My sisters'll get it) and working seasonally until I graduated. Seasonally basically means I can pick and choose which weeks I work, which is perfect for a full-time student, in my opinion. This is a huge step in the independent direction and quite frankly it's scaring the crap out of me, but at the same time I just can't wait to see what this big life change has in store for me and my future.

Welcome aboard, space travelers!

I've created a to-do list while I'm here specific for all of the Disney parks. For Epcot, my goal is to have eaten at every world showcase pavilion. Thus far, I've eaten at Mexico, China, Japan, Italy and America (obviously). The remaining countries? Norway, Morocco, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany. Also, the Flower and Garden Festival is currently underway and I would like to spend a full day at Epcot just to see the flowers =D. 

I'll elaborate more on the other parks' list with coming blog posts. That's about all I have to report this time around. Oh, and did I mention that Wishes! is my absolute favorite fireworks show? Here is my favorite shot from the firework show the night my roommates and I went. And yes, we did mosh our way to the front of the castle for optimum viewing.

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