Friday, March 30, 2012

Change of Plans Only to Change Again.

Well, it's bright and early an I'm wide awake...a rarity. It feels pretty good to be awake when normal people are awake actually.

A note to future college program participants, as housing inspections come closer, you'll hear a lot of rumors about the coveted White Glove Award. This award is given to certain apartments that Price Management deems unbelievably clean. The reward for White Glove status is a box of Ferrero-Rocher chocolates to split between your roommates and yourself (good luck). Unfortunately for us, we were not awarded the White Glove; however, we passed with an excellent and received cookies. We didn't receive the White Glove because we didn't scrub down our oven. Here's the truth about White Glove...after searching the Internet for countless hours on trying to find White Glove criteria, I found nothing so hopefully this helps.

  • Scrub your oven
  • Wipe down your refrigerator and microwave
  • Make sure nothing is on the floor
  • Sweep and vacuum the floors (mop if necessary)
  • Scrub toilet bowls and showers
  • Scrub sinks
  • Wipe down mirrors
  • Make sure the kitchen/living area is free of clutter
  • Nothing hanging on the walls
  • Make your beds
I think that covers about everything. Good luck!

A couple of days ago, I went to Epcot to get the full experience of the flower and garden festival with a good friend of mine. We dedicated our entire day to doing this. Was it worth it? Absolutely. It takes a whole day to really wander around the world showcase to see the different topiary displays, plus we were able to check out the separate flower and garden displays that are only there seasonally. I've put up pictures on Facebook, but I'll include some of my favorites below:

Twining's Tea sponsored a display at the United Kingdom Pavilion 

Once Upon a Dream

Bambi's Butterfly Garden was something worth checking out!

My extension request was approved a couple of days ago, so as of right now I will be a part of the Disney family until August 3rd! Now the part that complicates things, as far as my plans go for moving out here and working here for good goes, I'm still planning on returning to Florida and transferring to UCF to complete my degree. However, due to certain circumstances, I will be returning to Oklahoma for the Fall 2012 semester and become a seasonal employee of Disney. This will allow me more time to sort out future living arrangements, get transfer requirements in order and hopefully acquire a new vehicle in the near future. I'll participate in another college program Spring of 2013 and go from there if all goes well (I smell a professional internship in my future! =D). I won't be returning to the OSU-Stillwater campus. I want to spend the semester with my family before I move across the country, so I'll be taking my classes at the OSU-Tulsa campus. 

In the long run, I think this (hopefully) last semester I spend in Oklahoma will give me the necessary closure I need in order to begin this new and exciting chapter in my life. 

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