Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Struggle for Mobility.

Well, this week has been full of craziness and work. However, I can finally say that as of yesterday, I completed my training and passed my assessment. So, I'm an official cast member now! The bad news, I actually have to answer guests' questions now XD. IN all seriousness, I'm really looking forward to going to my first official day of work today (which isn't until 4:00 thank goodness) it's going to be an interesting experience to say the least.

Of course with the good, there is always some bad. While I get along with the only other person who was training with me, him and a select other group of trainees just can't seem to stop complaining about their job. Personally, I don't understand at all why this is; I want to believe that they're smart enough to know that they didn't go through a lengthy interview and selection process to go on a six-month long vacation. Then again, people can be stupid. Anyway, when I'm around these people, it makes me feel bad for loving my job. Granted, it is a job and you do have to work, but it's still a lot of fun to me. I just wish there as a way for these people to enjoy this experience as much as I do. I mean, come on, how many people would kill to to be in the position that they're in? Not to mention the fact that having Disney on your resume is extra premium. Hopefully, he'll cheer up the more he works, but you never know with some people.

Some advice, if you're considering this program, BRING A CAR!!! I can't even begin to explain how difficult it is down here without a car. Here's the deal, the bus drivers can take their breaks whenever they want; I was 30 minutes late to work one day because of my bus driver. Luckily I was still training at the time so it didn't count against me, but I was still pretty irritated. Also, after work, I have to wait a minimum of 20 minutes at West Clock for a bus to come and take me home at night. I usually don't get off of work until 10:00 or later, I'm sure you can imagine how frustrating it is waiting for a bus for that long at that hour. Especially the bus that takes you to Wal-Mart. My roommate and I missed the bus by 2 minutes and we had to wait for AN HOUR for the next bus to come pick us up. If you've been to a Wal-Mart late at night, I'm sure you can figure out that it isn't the most pleasant place to be...especially in a big city like Orlando. Long story short, bring a car. 

On a brighter note, I have some more news. I'm planning on extending my program into August! Yes, I love where I work that much. Trust me, if I could I would move down here and just finish my schooling here. Unfortunately, I have some unfinished business back home; I suppose you can't run away from your problems, there's no where that far away (Splash Mountain reference FTW). I'm hoping to make some solid connections here though, so when I do finish my schooling, I can come back and hopefully get a professional job here at Disney. I feel like this experience has given me new hope and a new reason to work hard in school. I guess before I was unsure of what I wanted to do to make me happy vs. what I needed to do to feed myself in this economy. I believe that working for this company can offer me both and trust me, it is not easy finding a job that can fulfill both.

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