Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Close, Yet So Far Away...

I have finally reached the one week mark. A week from today and I will be on a plane for Orlando! I have a feeling that this will, quite possibly, be the longest week of my entire life. Every other day I receive stuff from Disney in the mail; I see them and my heart skips a beat. Then I discover that they are for my mom's vacation planning purposes and not for me and my heart goes back to its usual beating pattern. It feels like I haven't gotten to accomplish as much as I had hoped to during this month-long hiatus I had at home, but I am happy to say that I have taken care of a lot of important issues, tied up some loose ends and prepared myself for this experience. In all honesty, I'm just ready to be around people my own age again. Being here with all of my friends in Still-ville has forced me to make friends with the local high school kids. Embarrassing? You decide.

In other news, The Odyssey (The Greek life newspaper) wants me to write a monthly informational piece on my Disney experiences. So, there's something we can all look forward to in the near future. I've agreed to write this article on the second Tuesday of every month, so be sure to keep an eye out for me. How I'm going to juggle working, blogging and my online classes is still a mystery to me, but I'm confident that my somewhat developed time management skills will serve me well.

On a more Disney note, I've decided to go on a mission. I want to have an all Disney nerds pin theme for my lanyard! Say what you want, I love pin trading. It's serious business. Here is a photo of the Nerds Rock pin collection I'm aspiring toward:

How cute are those?!

I suppose I should probably get on with the longest week of my life now. Time to wrap up the packing business and whatnot.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Immersing Myself in the Disney Mindset

I've made it to the 15 day mark, just a little over two weeks before I move. In the spirit of things, I decided to re-watch all of my favorite Disney films and even watch some new ones I hadn't watched before. Last night, I watched Wall-E and the night before that I watched Dumbo (my new favorite Disney movie). I'm thinking about watching Snow White tonight.

Speaking of princesses, I had originally wanted to audition to be a princess. Unfortunately, I didn't meet the specific requirements. For those wanting to pursue the character thing, it is super important to check the closest audition location to you. The Disney College Program website has a list of locations that will offer auditions for Fall 2012, but to make things easier, I've included the direct link here. It's also a good idea to review the super specific height requirements for each character you're wanting to audition for. I spent hours trying to find an official chart, but I came across a helpful forum that includes the height requirements for every character here.

In preparation of the big trip, I've been doing a lot of outside reading for what to expect when I arrive. However, the most detailed and helpful videos/blogs I usually seem to find are from the official program websites. Here is a helpful video on check-in day information from other cast members.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Packing & Paperwork

Nineteen days. My mantra for the whole month has been, "X days. X days and you're Florida bound." It's not as inspirational when you're up to your armpits in paperwork. Luckily, I now have my social security number memorized. The anticipation is killing me! I've only been told that I'll be in the attractions sector of the Disney College Program; this could mean a number of things. Also, I don't get to find out where I'll be residing, with whom I'll be residing with, where exactly I'll be working in the parks or how to use the bus system until I arrive...in 19 days. You may be asking yourself, "Alicia, why does the bus system even matter?" and to that I say this, I don't have a car; I'm 19 years old, have a driver's license, but no car...yes it is as bad as it sounds. Hopefully, not having a car won't be as much of a hinderance in Orlando as it is in Sand Springs where the nearest signs of civilization are 15 minutes away.

At the same time, I'm nervous for my voyage. I'll be in Florida for about five months. This is the most time I've spent away from everything I've ever known and the farthest away I've ever been from home. It's kind of funny that way, when you're stuck living with your parents, the first thing you want to do as a young adult is to get as far away from your parent's house as possible. However, the minute you can, it's the most nerve-racking decision you'll ever have to make. It's a little bit intimidating moving to an entirely different state knowing absolutely no one going into it. I can't say I'm not excited to meet new people and make new friends, though.

This is going to be the opportunity of a lifetime! I'm beyond ready for the 19 days mantra to turn into today is the day. Until then, this song will continue playing in my head.